Stage Plot Maker lets you make professional stage plots for your band. You can set up your stage plots with a drag and drop interface, then print or email them directly from your iOS device.

Stage plots can include standard icons for mics, monitors, drums and stage furniture, with custom text labels; a numbered input list; a photo of each performer; notes for the sound engineer; and your contact info. Your stage plots are archived so you can easily copy and edit different versions for different kinds of gigs.

This app does not include pictures for all your instruments -- only large instruments like keyboards and drums that require prior placement on stage. The sound engineers I consulted with agreed that pictures for other instruments are often distracting. You can add text labels to each of your inputs instead, like "DI for acoustic guitar." If you want to make a stage plot that includes pictures of all your instruments, you should select another app.

If you use BandHelper, please do not buy this app, because the same functionality is now included in your BandHelper subscription!

Demo video

Release notes

Android releases are usually available for download in six hours, and iOS releases in two days.

iOS Version 1.2.6, 3/31/22

(There will be no macOS version 1.2.6.)

- Changed the Export button to use the iOS file share interface instead of email.

Android Version 1.0.6, 3/31/22

- Fixed a problem that hid the navigation column when navigating back from a stage plot.

- Changed the email icon to a share icon since this button can email a file, send it locally or save it to a file sharing service.

macOS Version 1.2.5, 10/24/21

(There will be no iOS version 1.2.5.)

- Updated for macOS 11.5 Big Sur.

iOS/macOS Version 1.2.4, 4/8/20

- Fixed the alignment between list text and icons on macOS.

- Hid the scroll indicators from the lists on macOS.

macOS Version 1.2.3, 4/5/20

- Initial release. The macOS app will share version numbers with the iOS app, but some versions will only be released for one platform or the other. When that happens, it will be noted here in the release notes.

iOS Version 1.2.3, 2/16/20

- Updated the Inputs, Outputs and Other Items lists to expand to fit long labels if needed.

- Added custom labels for items in the Instruments category.

- Updated for edge-to-edge screens like the iPhone X.

- Fixed a problem that prevented stage plot item options from saving on iOS 13.

- Stage Plot Maker now requires iOS 8 or newer.

Android Version 1.0.5, 2/16/20

- Updated the Inputs, Outputs and Other Items lists to expand to fit long labels if needed.

- Added custom labels for items in the Instruments category.

- Avoided a crash when selecting an empty path with the photo picker on the performer edit page.

Android Version 1.0.4, 8/14/18

- Fixed a problem that hid stage plot items added on some devices.

- Fixed the Paste Items button.

- Fixed a crash when sending email attachments on Android 8.

- Changed the print button to use the build-in Android print manager instead of the Cloud Print interface.

Android Version 1.0.3, 4/28/18

- Fixed the disabled layering buttons in the item edit popup.

Android Version 1.0.2, 4/24/18

- Fixed the disabled Select a Photo button on the performer edit page.

Android Version 1.0.1, 8/4/17

- Fixed a problem that clipped a portion of the stage plot view on lower-resolution devices.

- Fixed a crash when submitting troubleshooting info or screen shots to the help desk.

- Updated the Android backup system to include performer photos, if their combined size is less than 4.75 MB. Google imposes a 5 MB limit on backups, and this leaves room for your stage plot data.

iOS Version 1.2.2, 6/28/17

- Changed the bottom toolbar buttons from text to icons on the stage plot edit page.

- Enabled the save button immediately after adding a new stage plot.

- Deleted the local copy of the performer's photo when deleting a performer.

Android Version 1.0, 6/28/17

- Initial release.

iOS Version 1.2.1, 6/21/17

- Fixed a crash when navigating to some pages on an iPhone.

iOS Version 1.2, 6/16/17

- Reworked the sharing functions to generate native PDF files that have higher resolution and smaller file size.

- Added a zoom function to the stage plot edit page. You can now pinch to zoom in or out, and long-press, then drag, to scroll after zooming.

- Added an Outputs list, with a field to number the outputs, and rearranged the Add an Item menu into Inputs, Outputs, Instruments and Other.

- Grouped identical items in the Other Items list. For example, if you add four music stands to your stage plot, these will be listed as "Music Stand (4)" instead of four separate items.

- Made the lists, notes and contact info movable to any position on the page. You can also tap the Default Position button in the item configuration popup to return these items to their default positions across the top of the page.

- Added a Show Label On Plot option to the item configuration popup, to show your custom label within the stage plot diagram as well as the item lists.

- Added a resize button to risers, to show risers of any size. You can use the Label field and the Show Label On Plot option to specify the exact size of each riser.

- Added items for In-Ear Monitor, Headphone Amp, Pedal Steel, Xylophone, Isolation Panel, Laptop and Stairs.

- Updated the stage plot edit page to always open in full-screen on tablets.

- Removed the Name, Email and Phone labels from the Contact Info section to save space.

- Updated the Save function to run automatically when leaving the app with unsaved changes.

- Fixed a bug that added a stage plot item when selecting a category in the Add an Item menu, then selecting another category without selecting an item from the first category.

- Added a Help section with buttons to request tech support, send troubleshooting info and load some sample stage plots.

iOS Version 1.1.1, 1/6/17

- Fixed the saving of item details on phones.

- Changed the layer ordering to position risers under all other items.

iOS Version 1.1, 9/28/16

- Updated the editing behavior of stage plot items. Items no longer show their remove, rotate and options buttons by default, but you can tap an item to show the buttons, or tap the background to return all the items to the default state. You do not have to tap an item before moving it.

- Updated the group selection so you can select a group of items, then rotate them together by dragging the rotate button or tapping the options button and entering a rotation angle.

- Updated the group selection so you select a group of items, tap the options button and the Copy Items button to copy the group, then tap an empty area in the same or a different stage plot and select Paste Items to paste the items at the new location.

- Added a background grid to the stage plot while editing to make it easier to align items.

- Added an export button to the stage plot page and an import button to the stage plots list. This allows you to send stage plots to other devices or back them up outside of Stage Plot Maker. This function allows you to exchange stage plots between Stage Plot Maker and BandHelper.

- Dropped support for iOS 5-6. Stage Plot Maker now requires iOS 7 or newer.

iOS Version 1.0.2, 7/19/15

- Added tools to simplify rotating items on the stage plot. Items now have a rotation handle in the lower-left corner instead of a two-finger gesture, for easier rotation on small screens. Also, the item detail popups now have a rotation input field, to allow setting an exact rotation value across multiple items.

- Added tools to simplify selecting items that are layered on top of each other. Tapping any part of an item now moves it to the front. The item names in the Input and Other lists are also tappable while editing, to move an item to the front. And the item detail popups now have a button to move the item to the back. When saving, items will return to their default layer positions.

- Added a function to move a group of items together. You can now drag to highlight an area of a stage plot, and all items inside that area will become selected. You can then drag any of the selected items and they will all move together. When you are finished, tap an empty area of the stage plot to deselect the items.

- Added new items: mixer, horn stand, guitar stand, guitar rack and fan.

- Increased the resolution of printed stage plots, and made the print resolution independent of the screen resolution.

- Retained unsaved changes while resizing the columns or rotating the device.

- Corrected the size of the stage plot display on a phone after rotating the device.

iOS Version 1.0.1, 4/29/15

- Increased the maximum height of the input list to the full height of the page, which will accommodate about 40 channels.

- Added hints to the performer edit page about adding and cropping photos.

iOS Version 1.0, 3/4/15

- Initial release.